Friday, November 21, 2014

Pictures of the kids

(Easing back into the blogging world.....)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This and that

 Happy Easter!  (A little late....)
Random note - I'm 99% sure the bunny was a teenage boy - he must have been paid a lot for that stunt.  Had to hold babies all afternoon and wear that costume - it was in the high 80s that day.
I dug this picture out of Summer three years ago.
She was a little more shy around the bunny than Jesse.
 Mom came to visit so we went on some outings.  Here we are at the zoo.  
 Jesse is just starting to talk.
The only real words he says are "What's that?", but he likes to swing his finger around and shout stuff - I was thinking he was born to be a fire and brimstone preacher, but it doesn't seem to totally fit him.  (See above.)
 Okay, here's a new one to add to the list of gifts to give children of people you don't actually like.....other things on the list are: drum sets, live insect collections, pet snakes, etc.  Add play dough to the list.  This stuff has been driving me up the wall.  The girls love it though.
 Too bad this picture is blurry.
 I guess we don't need to get any pets of our own.  The other neighbor's dog has been coming over to visit.  There are actually two dogs just like this one, and they do a lap of the neighborhood every morning.  (Scott thinks they're spies.  Their 'dad' is kinda crazy, so it fits that these dogs might be up to something.)

 One of the neighbors cows with a newborn calf.
 Went to the beach one day when Mom was here.  I was picturing that I might take Summer into the waves a little bit, but mostly we'd play in the sand.  Not so much....all three were diving into the water. 

 Although we did do the classic bury in the sand routine.  (Lexi would not stay buried.....Summer was the only one who cooperated.)
 Jesse is growing up...

 The beach wore him out.
 Went to the park one day and noticed the splashpad was open.  
 Another visiting neighborhood pet.  This cat ran right into the house.  Jesse grabbed her tail.  The kids loved her.  (I haven't decided what I think of her.....she did eat all of the macaroni and cheese off the floor.  That was pretty convenient.)

 Scott and Tonia.....
Neighbors dog again....Jess doesn't seem to mind that the dog is eating his hand.
Sorry so boring tonight.  I need to practice writing and telling tall tales again after getting distracted by so many other things.  Maybe next time will be more interesting.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Finally...a victory for the conspiracy theorist

 More random photos from off my phone.  (I finally learned how to get them to the computer.)
 Summer in the mother bird hat...of course you would recognize this from the classic "Are you my mother?" book.
 Random day at the splashpad last summer.  Hoping the splashpad is more fun this summer.  (Three kids running around and reading a book.)  I'm sure it won't work that way.
 The reason I wanted to post something tonight is because I wanted to get this documented....this missing plane....from the first day I said my theory was that it was hijacked by terrorists.  Landed in some remote location.  Now they have a free plane (and a bunch of hostages...).  The longer this thing drags out, my theory is looking more correct all the time.  Turns out if your a conspiracy theorist all the time, every once in a while, you'll be right!  One point for me!  (If they find random pieces of the missing plane in the ocean tomorrow, I shall delete this post.)

 Lexi = not happy!
 Ha!  This happens all the time!
 Jesse's grown some since then.
 Last summer the neighbor's dog was coming over frequently, and he'd take home whatever random shoes or whatever was in our yard.  (We live in the middle of nowhere....may as well live like hillbillies.)  Anyway, the neighbor would always bring back the stolen goods and put them in the mailbox.  One day this was on the fencepost instead.  The kids and I laughed and I took a picture and set off on my merry way.  Summer was like "Aren't you going to rescue Daddy's shoe?"  So anyway, I went back and got it.  (And then I think it got shuffled around in the Jeep for months, and later he bought new flip flops.  (Maybe that was unrelated...)
 For Lexi's birthday.
 Other news around here.....everywhere we go, everyone says "oh....he looks just like Scott."  That's great!  But I've heard it so much that I'm getting weary of it.

 The Christmas parade in Austin.  This little monkey was the kids' favorite part, I'm pretty sure.
The babies at the park last fall.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just some pictures - mostly old

 Most of these are from our "real" photo session with the Sleeping Owl photographer.

 This cracks me up - we were waiting for Grandma at the airport.  Summer had just gotten that stopwatch in a happy meal and she seriously thought it was a remote type thing that could bring in another airplane.  Every time she pushed the button, another airplane came.  (Jesse was not enjoying the wait as much.)
 Random day at HEB.

 This is from last October - our little trip to Illinois.  Perfect day at Navy Pier.

 Here's one of my pictures from the Halloween flood.  Usually the creek is about 15 feet below the bridge or so.
Here's some rascal who was bullying Summer.  Chased her out of this toy at the playground.  She didn't seem overly fazed by it.

Sorry I've been off the grid for so long.  These pictures are all old.  Hopefully pictures.